Often, we run into a problem and wish to have a superpower to solve that once and for all. Something similar occurred to me during my working experience in China.

Bringer Media came into being after I realized how traditional digital marketing agencies based in China are overwhelmingly expensive for the clients struggling to spread the word on Western social media, to build a brand reputation. Most of the customers seemed unaware, and that lack of awareness would allow agencies to easily manipulate them and charge a premium.

It got me restless and made me think all the time about how to bring extraordinary digital market services cost-effectively and help Chinese brands get global.

The answer was ‘Bringer Media’ – a remote digital marketing agency that would not only eliminate the need for having a physical workplace, but most importantly it will allow the Chinese companies to get world-class digital marketing services from highly skilled and talented individuals from across the world at a fraction of the cost.

It was a game-changing idea – a great leap forward towards re-inventing the digital marketing landscape in China. But the most challenging part was yet to come, and that was finding the right professionals – whom we called ‘Bringers’.

Over the period of three years, we haven’t only managed to team up with more than 30 Bringers, best at what they do. But we’ve also served over a dozen clients with digital branding, social media marketing, Amazon solutions, content writing and KOL marketing.

The reason we firmly believe in our working model is that it allows us to go beyond the geographical boundaries and team up with the best out there, who are willing to break the boundaries to help your brand grow in the highly competitive digital marketing landscapes around the world. As a result, making us more efficient as a team and highly cost-effective for you as compared to your regular agency.

These skilled and talented individuals are our heroes and allow Bringer Media to offer a range of quality digital marketing solutions to ensure your investment pays off.

Today, Bringer Media continues on the path of re-inventing the landscape of Digital Marketing in China. If you have been disappointed after paying high $$$, and still holding up on that dream of seeing your brand grow in western markets, giving our talented Bringers a chance to bring your busiess growth is the way forward.