• April 2024 By Flynn
    RAYNEO by TCL Boosting RayNeo's Impact on Reddit RayNeo, a pioneer in AR innovation under TCL Electronics, launched an initiative to expand its influence and engagement on Reddit, with assistance from Bringer Media. Our strategy aimed to harness the power of Reddit to introduce RayNeo’s advanced AR solutions, including ...
  • April 2024 By Flynn
    SYNTECH 360 MARKETING 360 Marketing for Syntech Bringer Media embarked on a comprehensive 360 marketing journey for Syntech, a brand committed to revolutionizing the digital accessories market. Syntech, driven by the realization that the market was saturated with subpar gaming accessories, sought to introduce products that were not only reliable but also exuded ...
  • March 2024 By Flynn
    EASYSMX Building EasySMX's Discord Community Bringer Media collaborated with EasySMX, a renowned game peripheral brand, to enhance its Discord community engagement. EasySMX, known for its high brand influence and global distribution, sought to make use of Discord as a platform to connect with its international audience, unveil new products, and ...