• April 2024 By Flynn
    GREYON Geryon is a leading manufacturer of vacuum sealers, driven by a passion for providing innovative kitchen solutions. Founded by a restauranteur seeking a better way to preserve food, Geryon prioritizes quality, functionality, and user-friendliness in its thoughtfully designed appliances. With great products and a purpose, Geryon needed to strengthen ...
  • April 2024 By Flynn
    ANZEN Anzen is a sports brand built on the foundation of providing premium quality sports accessories. The brand leveraged its experience in sports and stepped up to bridge the gap by providing high-quality sports gloves at affordable prices.  Despite manufacturing premium quality products, the brand required help in scaling its ...
  • March 2024 By Flynn
    MERYAKI Meyraki is a skincare brand that promotes skin care through self-care. Meyraki emphasizes nourishing the soul by indulging in activities that not only heal the body but also restore the health of the skin. The brand looks forward to changing the perspective of skincare from outer glow to inner ...